Save big on Taxes

With a Cash Balance Plan

Planning for Retirement? Many business owners say their tax bills are too high and their retirement plan balances are too low.

Here’s a powerful solution to these pain points — a cash balance plan.

Are cash balance plans right for your business?

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3 Key Advantages for Employers


1. Shelter Profits From Taxes and Creditors

Employers can deduct their annual contributions from company profits to drive down their tax bill in a way unlike any other qualified plan. Plus, assets held within a qualified plan are generally protected from creditors.


2. Speed up Retirement Savings

Business owners and employers can customize contribution levels based on the amount they’d like to save. Contribution limits can be up to five times as high as a 401(k) plan,* and earnings grow tax-deferred.


3. Boost Recruiting and Retention Efforts

Help your clients attract and keep talented people. With cash balance plans, employees get a contribution every year regardless of market conditions. They don’t have to enroll or make any investment decisions. They simply enjoy tax-deferred account growth.


See how much one Business Owner Could save

Take a look at the potential tax savings for a 55-year-old owner of a financial services firm.

The business has a 401(k) plan, a profit-sharing plan and a cash balance plan.


Companies offer cash balance plans in addition to a 401(k) to help key employees save more for retirement.

The plan is a tax-qualified retirement plan solely by employers. It features individual accounts but allows much higher contribution limits than 401(k) plans. It also helps businesses generate large tax deductions.

Another advantage? Offering this unexpected solution is a way to set your business apart.